Ronit Global Opportunities UCITS Fund

Investment philosophy

A global emerging market long short strategy combined with macro risk overlays, aiming to deliver through cycle uncorrelated absolute returns independent of market direction and emerging market flows. Primarily focused on equities but will look to take advantage of investment across the capital structure when appropriate. Run by a highly experienced investment team, the edge is in identifying situations where perception may be divorced from reality and expressing these ideas in a liquid manner to generate long term absolute returns.  

Key selling points
  • Differentiated non-directional portfolio, offering uncorrelated global emerging market returns in UCITS 
  • Key focus on trade structuring and hedging to ensure capital protection whilst retaining upside volatility 
  • Tail risk management to ensure portfolio is long gamma to take advantage of market dislocations
  • Pure alpha seeking strategy within inefficient emerging markets
  • Equity bias emerging market long short, though invests across the capital structure when appropriate
  • Opportunistic bottom up approach, complimented by top-down risk management review
  • Experienced and well respected investment team (Ex-Eton Park and Goldman Sachs)