Mygale Event Driven UCITS Fund

Investment philosophy

A European-focused Global Event Driven fund that is diversified across four investment sub-strategies: Merger Arbitrage, Catalyst Driven, Relative Value and Special Situations. The fund aims to deliver a strong risk adjusted return profile that is defined by a lack of correlation to both equity markets and the broader event driven group. The Mygale approach is grounded in a repeatable investment process designed to source a plethora of upside binary catalyst opportunities.  

Key selling points
  • A risk controlled equity focused strategy that has the ability to deliver consistent returns defined by low volatility and limited drawdowns, resulting in high Sharpe and Sortino ratios
  • A return profile that aims to be uncorrelated to equity markets with the ability to protect investor capital in difficult market environments
  • A differentiated approach to event driven investing based on three distinct pillars - 1) Sceptical Research 2) Robust Position Selection and 3) Active Trading designed to capture additional alpha for every position
  • Preference for trades with a clear rationale and the possibility of bump catalysts or counter bids. De-emphasise trades with complex regulatory or political hurdles due to binary downside potential