DUNN WMA Institutional UCITS Fund

Investment philosophy

A classic medium/ long term trend following CTA strategy, which has delivered an uncorrelated return profile to investors since 1974. A strategy which has been tried and tested in UCITS format from 2011, and designed to exploit market trends in more than 50 markets, spanning across all major asset classes of equities, fixed income, commodities and FX. DUNN’s research process ensures that the underlying models can easily adapt to the changing markets, focusing on risk management and reacting efficiently to market volatility.

Key selling points
  • 45+ years track record
  • DUNN Capital charge 0% management fee
  • Top 5 UCITS trend following fund by AUM
  • Dedicated to Trend Following
  • 7+ years track record in UCITS
  • Key research developments - designed to overcome the weaknesses of trend following, specifically reversals and non-trending environments