Crabel Gemini UCITS Fund

Investment philosophy

A diversified short-term systematic trading strategy which is designed to deliver a return profile that is uncorrelated to equities, bonds, other risk markets and trend following CTAs, whilst exploiting periods of market volatility. The strategy provides investors with access to Crabel’s world class trading infrastructure and short-term trading experience built up over 20 years of market leading returns.

Key selling points
  • World class algorithmic and execution infrastructure with co-location facilities across Global futures exchanges
  • Pioneer of short-term systematic trading with a track record spanning 3 decades
  • A history of positive returns in volatile environments
  • Crabel’s best thinking in the middle frequency, average 10-day hold, that is designed to be uncorrelated to Trend Following CTA’s
  • Flexible fee structure, encompassing flat fee or performance fee only to meet varying investor needs