Advent Global Partners UCITS Fund

Investment philosophy

The fund primarily employs convertible bonds, credit and equities when managing the Fund’s sub-strategies: Idiosyncratic Volatility, Event Driven, Relative Value Credit and Alpha Short.  The strategy seeks to identify compelling long and short opportunities that may include single name convertible bonds and equities, capital structure arbitrage, and other positively asymmetric event driven opportunities.  The Fund cautiously employs leverage and may use tail hedges to reduce volatility. The process is a rigorous, bottom-up, credit and capital structure focused research process built over 25 years to offer a strategy that seeks to generate an attractive absolute rate of return over a full market cycle. 

Key selling points
  • Advent Capital Management, founded in 1995 are recognised as a Global leader in convertible bond strategies
  •  The firm actively manages approximately $8.6bln across alternative, long-only and closed-end fund strategies  
  • 58 employees in New York and London, including 21 seasoned investment professionals 
  • Renowned fundamental, bottom-up, credit and capital structure focused research process honed over 25 years and multiple market cycles 
  • Diminished competition and a far smaller peer group than in the pre-2009 era has led to greater market inefficiencies and a broader opportunity set for experienced specialists. Increased capital from stable long-only, long-term investors has contributed to a stronger capital base for the asset class